Top 10 movies every Entrepreneur must see

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By Arnab Ray

We are going through some very tough times. The world around us is under the threat of the deadly Corona virus. In these times of uncertainty, we need to keep ourselves motivated and stand strong. I am not a medical expert but one thing that I have learnt is that we must maintain social distancing to stop this pandemic from spreading. It is extremely important that we pay heed to the instructions of the medical professionals and government officials and strictly abide by them.

Today I am going to list some of my favorite movies that every entrepreneur should see. So, stay at home and enjoy these movies and let’s keep ourselves motivated through these times of crisis.

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The Pursuit of Happyness

Before we start, I must tell you that these are my personal picks. I have tried to keep the list relevant to startups and entrepreneurship and may have excluded some movies which might be relevant but not directly linked to startups. The list is not ranked, and the movies are in random orders. That being said let’s start.

The first one in my list is The Pursuit of Happyness. It is one of my favorite movies. It is based on the life of Chris Gardener and depicts his struggles through some the toughest times. It showcases the relentlessness that an entrepreneur needs before getting a taste of the success. Truly inspirational. Definitely worth a watch.

The Aviator

The second in my list is The Aviator. Based on the American business magnate Howard Hughes’ life. This movie showcases the power of dreams. No matter how big your dreams are they can come true. You should definitely check it out.

Founder Movie

The third in my list is The Founder, based on the true story of how Ray Kroc created a multi-billion dollar empire called McDonalds. The movie will give you an insight on how to leverage an opportunity to scale up your business to great heights.

Jerry Maguire

Number 4 is Jerry Maguire, a story of a sports agent’s journey to rebuild his business and reputation from scratch. The story enlightens us with the spirit of entrepreneurship, the ability to rise from the ashes. It is also a great movie to understand the importance of the relationships that we carve with our clients.

The Intern

At number 5 is a unique story of a 70 year old intern at a new age fashion tech startup. You must check out The Intern. A lovely narrative of a young woman’s struggle to balance business and family and an elderly man’s struggle to keep up with the new age world. The movie teaches us the value of experience and wisdom while making us aware how the world has changed around us.


The next one in my list the Equity. It is a story of an investment banker as she works her way to the top of the Wall Street ladder. The movie gives us an insight on to the world of IPOs for startups.


The seventh in my list is a Hindi movie called Guru, definitely one of my favorite Indian movie. It is the story of an ambitious businessman and his rise to success. The movie will definitely inspire you to be audacious about your dreams and motivate you to pursue it under any cost.

Flash of a Genius

At number 8 is Flash of a Genius. The movie revolves around a college professor Robert Kearns and his invention of the intermittent windshield wiper which revolutionized the auto industry at that point of time. The story teaches us how the business world can be ruthless about the intellectual property.


Next in my list is Moneyball. Oh what a movie! This is a story about a baseball team manager Billy Beane and his revolutionary approach to team selection using player analytics. Innovation does not necessarily mean invention. Often changing the way, we do things is an innovation itself. This movie teaches us just that.


At number 10 is a Netflix original, an Indian movie called Upstarts. Upstarts features a story of a group of three friends and their startups journey from idea to success. The movie gives us an insight into the world of startup funding and the burden it comes with.

I have intentionally left out some extremely popular movies, because I think most of you have already seen them. However, I have included them in the following list of special mentions. But before I share it with you.

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There are so many excellent movies on startups and entrepreneurship which goes beyond the top 10 lists. So here are some special mentions. Check these out as well if you are.

Top 20 movies for entrepreneurs

Well these were my picks. I would love to know about your choices as well. Put them in the comment section and I would love to check them out.

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    1. I must admit that, these are some best movies for not only entrepreneurs but for any person who want to do something great in life.
      I have watched Guru, The intern etc and they were the best.


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