Mistakes to avoid while interacting with Investors

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By Arnab Ray

In the current business environment, startups have become synonymous with raising funds. The media’s extensive coverage and the ensuing glorification of startup funding and valuations have overshadowed other essential aspects of building a startup. Beyond the technicalities of raising funds, it’s crucial to focus on the subtler aspects, often underscored during interactions across various forums and pitches.

Understand the importance of personal relationships

While having a robust business plan, a great team, and a viable market opportunity are fundamental, personal relationships play a pivotal role in closing a financing deal. The perception of a founder from the investor’s viewpoint is crucial. It’s imperative for entrepreneurs to maintain professionalism and avoid arrogance, as investors are not only investing in a business but also in the people behind it.

Example: A potential investor received a message from a startup founder asking for a meeting without providing any business details. This approach, appearing arrogant and unprepared, can immediately turn off investors. Make sure to give a brief overview of your business when initiating contact, showing respect for the investor’s time and signaling your serious intent.

Do your background research

Before approaching potential investors, doing extensive background research is essential. Understanding the investor’s profile, investment history, and areas of interest can tailor your pitch to align with their objectives, increasing the likelihood of securing funding.

Example: An entrepreneur contacted an investor for a potential investment without knowing the investor’s profile. The first question from the entrepreneur was about the investor’s profile, a move that can be perceived as unprofessional and disrespectful.

Handle rejections gracefully

Entrepreneurs must understand that investors have the complete right to refuse funding. Rejections should be taken constructively, without showcasing unstable emotions or hostility towards the investor.

Example: If an investor decides not to invest in your business, maintain professionalism in your response. Avoid confrontations or unpleasant conversations, as this behavior can tarnish your reputation in the tight-knit entrepreneurial community.

Demonstrate Flexibility

One of the significant red flags for investors is an inflexible attitude. Showing unwillingness to adapt or listen can be perceived negatively by investors, signaling potential future conflicts.

Example: If you approach an investor with a “know-it-all” attitude and an unwillingness to listen or adapt, it will likely lead to a rejected pitch. Investors look for entrepreneurs who are open to guidance and mentorship.

Understand Investor Fit

Not every investor is suitable for your business, and understanding this fit is essential for a successful partnership. Research the investors thoroughly and understand their investment sweet spots to find the perfect match for your startup.

Example: An entrepreneur who does not research the investor’s investment focus and portfolio might end up pitching to an uninterested investor, wasting both parties’ time.

Avoid unprofessional behavior

In the entire process, maintaining professionalism is a must. No matter the stage of your funding or the leverage you hold, unprofessional behavior can damage your reputation and future prospects.


In conclusion, seeking investment for your startup goes beyond just showcasing your business idea. Ensuring professionalism, doing extensive background research, demonstrating flexibility, and understanding investor fit are all crucial components of a successful pitch. Avoid common mistakes and tailor your approach for each investor to increase your chances of securing funding. Remember, every interaction is an opportunity to learn and refine your approach for the future.

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